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The August 2019 Neko Undo Challenge is over and here are the winners!

In the 40 year-old and under category Sensei Yiftach Govreen from Be’er Sheva began with 34 consecutive Neko Undo and ended the month with 62, a 82.35% improvement.

The biggest improvement was 36 year-old Chen Vagshel from Tel Aviv who began with 31 and ended with a very respectable 60, an improvement of 93.55%.

In the Women Over 40 category our winner is Nurit Guthrie (40) of Beit Nechemia who began with 16 and ended with 24, a 50% improvement. 

In the Under 13 year-old category Aviel Zinger (12 years-old) from Efrat showed only a 3% improvement, however he began with 33 and ended with 34 beating out all the adults in the dojo.

A hearty ‘Way to Go!’ to all the participants.  You’re all winners and the prize is the feeling of satisfaction that comes with trying hard and doing your best.  It’s easier to sit on the couch and watch television… but that’s not the karate way.

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