In Memory of Sensei Leon Pantanowitz

Dearest Mrs. Pantanowitz and family,

I am very sorry to hear of the great loss of Pantanowitz Sensei. Your grief is shared by the 1000’s of people who knew him as Sensei and as a great friend.

Pantanowitz Sensei was very supportive to my family when my father and Chief Instructor, Sensei David Lambert passed away. It pains me to think that within a 6 year period the IOGKF and the world have had to suffer the loss of two warriors to the same cause.

Pantanowitz Sensei’s support was a great help to my family in particular and the Australian organisation in regards to moving on after our loss. I wish to offer the same to you and your beautiful family now. Do not hesitate to call on us at anytime for anything, we are yours.

I thank the lord for giving us men like Pantanowitz Sensei, whom we cherish and learn so much from. I know his spirit will live on in all of us and future generations forever. He is a legend.


David J Lambert

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