In Memory of Sensei Leon Pantanowitz

It is with sadness that I have to report Sensei Leon has died of cancer; he was 8th Dan Chief Instructor of Israel IOGKF, and adviser to Sensei Higaonna, and a personal friend of mine.

Sensei Leon was friendly warm and loving to all he came in contact with, his character and charm would dominate all in attendance, he loved telling stories which ended in a joke as always.

I would have liked to been at his funeral to show my respect to a good man who had a wonderful personality and a good heart, he was a fine ambassador for the Karate World and the IOGKF, he played a big part in the Goju – Ryu family and his name will be echoed for many years to come, I must say that when I was around him I felt very confident to be in his company.

The European and world Gasshuku’s will not be the same; his presence was part and parcel of the training and enjoyment of being there.

He will be sadly missed by all.

God bless you Yehuda, your friend and training partner.

George Andrews

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