Danny Meisler

Hunbu Dojo - Netanya
Instructor Bio

Dan 6

I was born in Brasil in 1973. At the age of one year we moved to Israel. In 1982 at the age of 9 I started training karate with Leon Pantanowitz Sensei. Since then, and until he sadly passed away before his time in 2006, i was his student.

At the age of 16 I completed an instructors cource under Leon Sensei. And under his instruction I began to tech in the Dojo.

When Leon Sensei traveled abroad to gashukus, I was one of the instructors who helped in the Dojo with the Senior class.

In 1998 I finished my first degree in engineering in the Israeli Institute of Technology. And in 2005 i finished a Master Degree in Computer Science in the university of Haifa.

Since 2006 I am part to a team of senior students of Sensei Leon that manages and teaches in the Honbu-Dojo.

I am also part of the Kambukai and part of the Israeli black belts grading panel.

In 2008 i was graded by Sensei Higaonna to Godan during an international Gashuku held in Poland.

In 2012 finished the “Karate Coach Cource”, the School for Coaches and Instructors, Wingate Institute.

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