Sara-Rivka Yekutiel

Jerusalem and Tekoa Dojo
Instructor Bio

Dan 6 Personal: Five children, eleven grandchildren Martial Arts Education: Okinawan Goju-Ryu
from November 1974: Shodan: June 1977 – Bob Sparks, Chuck Merriman Nidan: July 1980 –
Chuck Merriman Sandan: April 1990 – Teruo Chinen, Jundokan Yondan: July 2005 – Leon
Pantanovitz, IOGKF Godan: July 2010 – IOGKF, Rokudan: January 2018 – IOGKF

*Massachusetts Regional AAU Women’s Advanced Kata Champion 1977-1983, 1986 *National AAU
Women’s Advanced Kata Champion 1977, 1981 (weapons), 1982 (open and mandatory), 1983.
Silver Medalist 1981, Bronze Medalist 1978, 1980, 1983 *Pan-American Women’s Kata Champion
1981 *USAAU National Karate Team 1979-1984. 5th WUKO Championships, Madrid, 1980, 6th
WUKO Championships, Taipei, 1982 *Maccabea Silver and Bronze medalist, Israel, 1985

Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Magna Cum Laude 1996 Israeli
Karate Teaching Certificate, Wingate Institute, 2004 Israeli Karate Coaches Certificate, Wingate
Institute, 2014 StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor’s Certification Course, 2014, 2017 *Founding member
of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation. Co-editor of the NWMAF newsletter 1982-84
*Founding member of the Israel Women’s Martial Arts Federation (Elhalev), 2003 *Volunteer lecturer
for the Massachusetts Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs 1984-87 *Published author including
articles in The Jewish Homemaker, Home Education Magazine, Jerusalem Post, Whole Family web
site. *Featured in the book Great Jews in Sports *From 1975 – present have taught Goju-Ryu Karate
and Self-Defense to men, women and children at more than 100 schools, universities, camps and
community center in the United States and Israel. Specialization in working with survivors of sex
crimes, senior citizens, at-risk youth, mentally impaired and physically-challenged youth and adults,
including the blind. *Currently teaching karate, self-defense and self-defense teacher-training at
Elhalev, Jerusalem, and at IOGKF affiliated dojo in Tekoa, Jerusalem and Netanya, Israel.
*Continuing education: IOGKF Israeli Honbu Dojo Netanya, 2003-present. IOGKF International
Training Camps US, Spain, Okinawa, England, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Portugal Italy and Belgium
2004-2019. Follow my Blog in:


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