Budosai 2019

We arrived in Okinawa a few days before the gasshuku and in the morning started training (Senseis Amos, Mishel and Yigal, plus Ofir and myself) at the famous Higaonna Dojo.  As rumored, it was very crowded.  There were about 60 people in one small dojo, not to mention the waves of heat that caused us to already be dripping with sweat during the warm-up.

The morning workouts were independent; the evening classes were usually taught by Kuramoto and Uehara Sensei and sometimes by Higaonna Sensei himself.

There were 1,500 people training at the gasshuku.  The classes were fascinating!  I met the Chief Instructors and learned a lot from them: New techniques; and new ways of thought, along with exercises to practice them.

 I was especially impressed by Sensei Linda, and her power and determination.

In the evenings we practiced independently at the Honbu dojo.  The time passed quickly.  It was truly an unforgettable experience.

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